Vanitas -Secrets

Orchestral arrangement, mixing and mastering.

Vanitas - Between lune and eden

Orchestral arrangement, mixing and mastering.

Fury - Dragon's Song (acoustic)

Orchestral arrangement, recording engineer, editing and mixing.

Vanitas - Eventum

Orchestral arrangement, mixing and mastering

Luke Appleton - Forever viking e.p

Recording engineer and editing for drums, electric guitar and acoustics.

Ironside - The end of everything

Vocal recording, mixing and mastering.

Dakesis - On wings of steel - 2021

Orchestral arrangement, recording engineer, editing, mixing and mastering.

Dakesis - Fractures

Production, recording, editing and mixing. Videography for the official lyrics video for the track 'Overthrown'.

Fury - Upon The Lonesome Tide

Orchestral arrangement throughout the track.

Ritchie Dave Porter - Fast Train Rollin'

Production, recording, editing and mixing.

Dakesis & Fury - Fairytale Of New York

Production, recording, editing, mixing, mastering and videography for official video.

Ritchie Dave Porter - End Of The Line

Production, recording, editing and mixing

Michael Brush - Holy Tide

Drum Recording and editing.

Dakesis - The New Dawn

Production, recording and editing.

Birmingham Rockschool Digital Jams

Video editing, audio editing, mixing and mastering for digital jams and promotional content.